[Hello Malinda] Origami Tutorial: Swirled Center GG Rose (Gift of Gifts & Bai)| 折纸教程:卷心GG玫瑰,由GG和白叔设计~ – Duration: 24 minutes. Malinda Huang . Todos los títulos de libros por autor Apolodoro de Atenas: Apollodorus of Athens (ancient Greek Ἀπολλόδωρος), Athens, (c. BC.) -Pérgamo ( a.). Apolodoro de Atenas translation in Spanish-English dictionary.

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Fragmenta historicum graecorum … Apollodori Bibliotheca …

The great-grandson of Philocles the elder, son of Astydamas the elder, and brother of Astydamas the younger, was also a tragic poet, according to the scholiast on Aristophanes, a;olodoro a general, according to Suidas. Pliny states that his portrait was painted in the attitude of meditation by Protogenes, who is known to have been afenas alive in B. He is placed among the poets of the Pleiad by a scholiast on Hephaestion, as well as by Suidas ; but, in the other three lists, the name of Aeantides appears instead of Sosiphanes.

A Grecian tragic and dithyrambic poet, of whom nothing is known except a few titles of his dramas. Philocles the Elder Critias of Athens The tragedies which are referred to by the ancients under the name of Carcinus, probably all belong to the younger Carcinus. Of Tarsus, a tragic poet, was, according to Strabo, the best of the poets in the “Tragic Pleiad” of the Alexandrian grammarians.

Alexander of Aetolia 3. Now Antiphon the tragic poet lived at Syracuse, at the court of the elder Dionysius, who did not assume the tyranny till the year B.

His statue stood in the gymnasium of Zeuxippus at Byzantium. Of Corcyra, a distinguished tragic poet, and one of the seven who formed the Tragic Afenas, was also a priest of Dionysus, and in that character he was present at the coronation procession of Ptolemy Philadelphus in B.


Cleophon of Athens 7. The son of Aristander, of Phaselis, a Dorian city of Pamphylia, on the borders of Lycia, was a highly distinguished rhetorician and tragic poet in the time atenxs Philip of Macedon.

Apolodoro de Atenas in English – Spanish-English Dictionary

Ovid states that he was killed by an arrow. Philocles the Younger The son of Cleomachus, a Dorian lyric poet, according to Atnas, whose light and licentious love verses were attacked by Chionides, Cratinus, and Eupolis.

Spolodoro more is known of his life. His poems are entirely lost, with the exception of one title, Eurypyleia. The son of Timarchus of Phlius, a philosopher of the sect of the Sceptics, and a celebrated writer of the species of satiric poems called Silli, flourished in the reign of Ptolemy Philadelphus, about B.

Biblioteca – Apolodoro de Atenas – Google Books

Hieronymus of Athens Seven of Pleiad Canon: Thespis of Attica 2. These works were no doubt on philosophical subjects. He also wrote in prose, to the quantity, Diogenes tells se, of twenty thousand lines. A tragic poet, the son of Astydamas the Elder.

Five of the Canon: Aristias of Phlius Patrocles of Thurii Philiscus of Corcyra 8.

Apollodorus of Athens

This is paolodoro a tragedy nor an epic poem, but a long iambic monologue of verses, in which Cassandra is made to prophesy. Astydamas the Elder We have no precise information about the time at which he lived, but the time when he flourished may be fixed about B. Dionysius I of Syracause C3rd B. Theognis of Athens Homerus of Byzantium 6. He lived at Alexandria, under Ptolemy Philadelphus, who entrusted to him the arrangement of the works of the comic poets contained in the Alexandrian library.

Morsimus of Athens Melanthius in Plutarch complains of the obscurity of a certain Diogenes. This supposition agrees with the statement of Suidas, according to whom Carcinus the son of Xenocles lived about B.


Theodectes devoted himself, during the first part of his life, entirely to rhetoric, and afterwards he turned his attention to tragic poetry, but his dramatic works partook largely of the rhetorical character, so that, while in tragedy he may be regarded as, to some extent, an imitator of Euripides, he must be considered, in his whole literary character, as the disciple of Isocrates, whose style he is said to have followed very closely.

He spent some time, together with Antagoras and Aratus, at the court of Antigonus Gonatas. Suidas gives the titles of twenty of Lycophron’s tragedies ; while Tzetzes makes their number forty-six or sixty-four. He also wrote a satyric drama, entitled Menedemosin which he ridiculed his fellow-countryman, the philosopher Menedemus of Eretria.

According to Diogenes, he composed sixty tragedies and thirty comedies, besides satyric dramas. We may suppose that Theodectes died about B. As a poet, Lycophron obtained a place in the Tragic Pleiad; but there is scarcely a fragment of his tragedies extant. Carcinus the Elder He was one of the seven poets who formed the tragic Pleiad. Meleager, Andromache, Medeia, Jason, and Philoctetes.

A tragic poet, of whom we find nothing recorded except the interesting fact of his being so fond of lupines, that he would eat them, husks and all. Timocles of Athens C4th B.

Sositheus of Alexandria