(Beyond including full access to this Checkout Usability research study, the Baymard Premium access also include 6 additional studies (Homepage & Category. This new usability study is the result of 7 years worth of e-commerce the vast majority of the checkout changes in this report are related to. Today we’re releasing our new Product Page Usability study providing Page Usability report and benchmark at

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When you have a core user journey that every single one of your customers must complete, it makes sense to work obsessively at the bottom of the funnel. In the meantime consider taking a look at the just-released checkout UX performance and ranking of 50 major e-commerce sites. Jaime WilsonSr. This original usability study focuses on how users behave during a checkout flowwhere they get stuck, and why they abandon their purchase. You and your team have been amazing partners to us and we very much appreciate the work, expertise and partnership.

This was an excellent piece of work: The implementation of post-purchase confirmations, incl. Indeed, we find small online retailers just as capable of crafting great checkout experiences, if they stay nimble and focused. Cary MoodyUsability Researcher at Hallmark.

Interview with Christian Holst, @Baymard Institute, on how to improve the user experience

Mobile E-Commerce Understanding Mobile. The reports that the Baymard folks do cost money, but repoft worth it. These usability issues have been analyzed and distilled into design guidelines on how to best design and structure a high-performing mobile e-commerce site, as well as documenting how end-users perceive and interact with mobile sites in a shopping context.


Cary MoodyUsability Researcher at Hallmark. This is one of the coolest resource I’ve seen: Get instant access to the 17 checkout UX reports along with 64 other e-commerce UX research reports and the full checkout benchmark database with Baymard Premium access.

It was super helpful and we can’t wait to apply the changes to our checkout for a better user experience. Intelligent form features such as making inferred selections, prefilling form fields, browser auto-fills, and personalization of the checkout flow — smart form field features that improve checkout UX substantially.

Jaime WilsonSr. Despite testing the desktop and mobile websites from 76 leading e-commerce sites, the test subjects encountered more than 8, usability issues. See all 21 articles. Product Page Product Variations.

You and your team have been amazing partners to us and we erport much appreciate the work, expertise and partnership. See all 49 articles.

usabillity For an interactive version of this graph, head to the benchmark page. This page provides you an overview of the results from those years of testing checkout flows with real end-users.

How to cause as few abandonments as possible, incl. Mobile product page layouts, incl. At Baymard Institute we have therefore reporg the last 9 months researching how users browse, filter and evaluate products in e-commerce search- and category-based product lists. They are the best attainable results given the severe limitations of the mobile platform.

Mobile E-Commerce Usability: An Original Research Study – Mobile E-Commerce – Baymard Institute

This is a great way to usabliity inspiration for your rport mobile design, and to get a feel for emerging trends in Mobile e-commerce. The content is exactly what our team has been looking for, and so much more! Their articles often get my Ecom gears turning. Shipping and store pickup, incl. Get inspiration from leading and competing e-commerce sites that have excellent UX performance, along with answers to why they perform well.

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E-Commerce Product List Usability: Report & Benchmark – World Usability Congress

The selection interface for color and size variations, reusing content across variations, size guides, along with the interfaces required for both product customizations and personalizations. Thank you for the great work! I invite you to take a spin!

Why is it that this many orders are abandoned? How users engage with spec sheets, and how both the spec sheet layout, rwport sheet features, and post-processing of vendor data are critical for making users less prone to users misread the specs.

Pearson Sep and The Last Ring Home Myndset Nova book and documentary film, both of which have won awards and critical acclaim. If we focus exclusively on the checkout usability issues which we — during multiple rounds of large-scale checkout usability testing — have documented can be fixed by checkout design improvements alonethen the average large-sized e-commerce site can gain a When a comparison tool is appropriate and how both its selection process and comparison page should be designed, when to have a comparison feature, and how to design the compare link and comparison view.

Authored by Baymard Institute.