The Project Gutenberg EBook of Mauprat, by George Sand This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 77 by George Sand. Mauprat by George Sand. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Having never read George Sand before, I had no idea what her Once she is free of Roche-Mauprat, she insists that she cannot possibly.

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I was surprised, but in a good way. Nov 05, Stephen Brooke rated it really liked it. As soon as I saw the trees in the park raising their venerable heads above the copses like a solemn phalanx of druids in the middle of a prostrate multitude, my heart began to beat so violently that I was forced to stop.

It was published in serial form in April and May I fancy I see him now as he was then. These poor coins often serve to satisfy the superfluous wants which idleness breeds. Mauprat is a novel by the French novelist George Sand about love and education. The novel’s plot has been called a plot of female socialization, in which the hero is taught by the heroine how to live peacefully in society. She was bending over her tapestry and glancing from time to time at her father to notice his slightest movements.

I enjoyed it and I gained something from it’s reading. Sometimes, noticing my terror, he would jeer at me, and, to make me still more afraid, set his horse plunging again.

Yes, I think it probably is. Bernard idolises her as a symbol of perfection, but it’s so clear that she is the refined version of him in all his fervent ferocity. I met Saint—Jean, who, not recognising me, gave a loud cry and threw himself in my path to prevent me from entering without being announced.

Histoire de ma vie The dilapidated turrets would not catch your eye until you were about a hundred yards from the principal portcullis. Still, overall, it’s a charming, well-written, thought-provoking, interesting and very readable novel.


Wasn’t sure about this one at first. We hastened our steps till we reached the hut. There will no longer be servants or masters, or villein or lord. He made him swallow a few drops; its strength revived him.

Edmond uses her dand to transform Bernard from an intemperate, violent, and rude individual into a man she could actually fall in love and live with.

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Mauprat by George Sand – Free Ebook

Many educators rave about the egorge I really enjoyed the beginning of this book. At last, about midnight, we suddenly stopped before a small pointed gate, and the drawbridge was soon lifted behind us. My knowledge of 18th century politics and philosophy is pretty slight. The good chevalier, who had waked with a start, stared at gekrge in astonishment, his body bent forward and his elbow resting on his knee; then he said:. Open Preview See a Problem?

Perhaps we have a right to this when we have sacrificed all other men to him. Mauprat by George Sand 13 33 Jan 15, In short, they do not know mauprqt to use their money; they tell you they are in debt, and, though that may be true, it is not true that they will use the money you give them to pay what they owe.

Mauprat by George Sand

The folks in his part of the country are good to him; there is not a aand that wants for a bed or supper as he goes his round. She, too, is being educated after a fashion. But little by little the story became a bit melodramatic, stretched for a tale that is supposed to be a remembrance. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. So that’s there, and it’s jarring. One unique book and romantic love story, placed in the heart of Revolutionary France. Now, without being cowards and they are far from thatthe peasants of our province, as you know, are meek and timid, partly from listlessness, partly from distrust of the law, which they have never understood, and of which even to this day they have but samd scanty knowledge.


She is regarded as the first French female novelist to gain a major reputation. The georve is narrated by the old Bernard in his country home many years later, as told to a nameless young male visitor.

In every family the Mauprats soon had their mistresses. With all this bustle and all these bickerings, I can no longer take my walk during the night, and my sleep during the day. Email Print Facebook Reddit Twitter. He turned towards me, and I saw two big tears trickling down the cheeks of the impassive hidalgo.

The georte appearance, the same ways; nauprat if I offered you some wine just now, that does not prevent me from drinking water myself. More than one vile scapegrace had been forced to reform, mmauprat spite of his privileges; and in certain places where the peasants, driven to desperation, had rid themselves of their overlord, the law had not dreamt of interfering, nor had the relatives dared to demand redress.

Oct 08, Arlene rated it really liked it. Part of my frustration was Bernard’s adolescent obsession for his second cousin, and the cou I often find references to George Sand in other books I’m reading.

Mauprat, by George Sand : I

Georg for him, he was so little concerned about me that, had I fallen, I doubt whether he would have taken the trouble to pick me up. House of George Sand. It was a sudden realization of all the horrors which my mother had foreshadowed when speaking of her execrable father-in-law and his brigands of sons.

This is one of my very favorite among George Sand’s many goerge. The abbe sat down quite close to me, and I gave a shout and seized him by the legs.