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The frequency of the output waveform can be adjusted using an external control voltage. Reproduction or re-publication by any means whatsoever, whether electronic, mechanical or electro-mechanical, is strictly prohibited under Eatasheet Copyright laws.

See below for the diode datashee circuit. The datasheet shows a formula for frequency, and with the values given in Figure 1 it works out to be 1kHz if the ‘Set Base Frequency’ pot is set for 6V. The control voltage input needs to be biased to some voltage that gives you the base frequency you need.

C1 is selected to give response down to the lowest frequency of interest, and is less than 1. You can also change the resistors around the input stage or the Schmitt trigger.

The output level and distortion will change with temperature. How does the circuit work? As shown, four diodes are used to clip the triangle wave in such a way as to get km566 distortion.

By clicking datxsheet Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. The output from U1A is a very linear triangle wave.

Is your intent just simulation or do lm56 want to lay out a PCB? A few years ago, you’d simply get an IC that did almost everything for you – the NE was a good example, and needed few external parts to make a simple, high performance VCO. The output frequency of the VCO can be obtained using the following equation:.


In most cases, this isn’t a serious limitation, but expecting dayasheet distortion isn’t an option – the best you can expect is around 1. The figure of Hz above applies only when the modulation signal is capacitively coupled as shown, and allows for the It’s actually a clever design, and relies on U1A to integrate the source modulating voltage to produce a positive-going linear ramp.

LM566 Datasheet

Triangle and square wave outputs are obtained from pins 4 and 3 respectively. Also your link is to the but your title and text says If you’re not too worried about minimising distortion.

In such oscillators, an LC tank circuit is used for producing oscillations. Here a varactor varicap diode is used in place of the capacitor in the tank circuit. Since you can’t get the NE or any equivalent any more, if you want or need a VCO you have to build it using opamps.

Multisim and Ultiboard

With a 12V supply as shown, the triangle waveform will have an amplitude of 3. Resistor R1 and capacitor C1 form the timing components. If you would like to try method 1 and see if you can get it to function at the top level in a Multisim schematic, I would be able to show you how to convert it into a subckt. Figure 4 – Diode Sinewave Shaper.

Note that if any opamp is used that cannot swing its output voltage to the negative rail, an extra resistor must be added between the base and emitter of Q1, or it will be unable to turn off.

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It’s important to connect the input stage including the transistor as shown. Previous post Next post. A voltage controlled oscillator VCO isn’t something you need every day, and you may never have thought that you need one at all. The 2SC appears to be an older component and may be hard to come by sim and layoutbut there are several medium power transistor replacements that might work and there are several available in the Multisim database.

The circuit relies on feedback, and even a seemingly trivial error will stop it from working.

The output voltage may be stuck at zero or around 10V. It can be used to generates square and triangle waveforms simultaneously. It is possible to recreate this in Multisim in a top level schematic using ideal components to see if it gives you the desired results with the shown external parts as well. One application that can be very useful is to use a VCO as a sweep generator for testing loudspeakers, crossover networks, equalisers, etc.

The VCO can be operated from a dual supply, and that only entails a few minor changes.

LM Datasheet National Semiconductor pdf data sheet FREE from

Don’t be afraid to use enough words to explain your problem unambiguously. Therefore, the maximum frequency is Hz, and the minimum is Hz. Most Active Software Boards: This is engineering, not poetry. You may be able to find them advertised on certain on-line auction sites, but they are dahasheet trustworthy sources and you have no idea what you’ll get. Voltage controlled oscillators can be broadly classified into a linear voltage controlled oscillators and relaxation type voltage controlled oscillators.